Life Between Sundays

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Life Between Sundays


Lifes setbacks, writes Dr. Joseph Walker, are never accidental. They are always a piece of a larger landscape distinct metaphorical scenes in an epic masterpiece. To help you grasp this vital truth, Dr. Walker provides a first-person account of his own intimate experience with an unexpected setback, the death of his beloved wife, Diane.

In his book, Between Sundays, Dr. Walker wraps his extraordinary insights around the story of Dianes remarkable life; her extended battle with stomach cancer and undeterred faith, in spite of the prognosis. Its not just a story of selfless commitment and tireless sacrifice. More so, its a beautiful portrait of one mans fortitude in the face of contradicting realities a man teaching, nurturing, and shepherding a congregation of thousands, while fighting a singular, lonely battle to keep his wife and faith alive.

Life Between Sundays is not another memoir of a man with a painful past who needs the world to hear his story. Rather, its a deeply touching guidebook; one that is certain to provide renewed strength, comfort and hope, not in spite of your circumstances, but because of them. Within the pages of this book the reader will find truth and encouragement that will help them on their own journey.